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You’ve given it a lot of thought, acclimated your dog to the motorcycle, and decided you want to take your dog riding. Now what?

It’s time to decide which accessories and safety items your dog needs. Keeping your dog safe and secure while you’re able to ride safely isn’t always easy. Depending on your dog and your riding style, you’ll need to outfit him or her comfortably with the following items.


Typically made from the same ABS plastic used in hard hats, dog helmets guard from sun, wind, and injury, and they’re perfect for any time you take your dog with you, not just on the bike. Just as human helmets do, dog helmets come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors, so you’ll be able to find the perfect one for Rover. You can also buy doggie doo rags, soft hats, and bandanas for when you’re taking a break from the road.


These combination sunglasses and goggles protect your dog’s eyes from sunlight, wind, and flying objects. Doggles are widely available and come in several styles and colors.

Leather jackets and vests

For protection and fashion, leather accessories come in a wide variety of styles and colors, ranging from hooded jackets to raincoats. Make sure that leather doesn’t make your dog too hot, especially if he or she is dark colored or has a double coat.


The carrier choice you make will depend on several factors: your dog’s size, how well he or she rides, where you prefer him or her to ride, and how well your dog will be protected. Carriers range from rear-mounted duffel bags to backpacks and from saddlebags to doggie seats.

No matter which carrier you choose, it needs to mount securely on your bike, and it needs to be durable enough to protect your pup in case of accident. While riding, your dog should have plenty of fresh air and enough wiggle room to be comfortable, and there should be nothing inside the carrier that pokes.

As South Carolina motorcycle and auto accident attorneys, we’ve seen a few sad cases where dogs were hurt or killed due to improper gear. If you ride with your dog, how do you dress him or her, and what type of carrier do you use?

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