Educating yourself about South Carolina law is always a smart idea. When you can speak knowledgeably to a law enforcement officer or state or government official, you’ll find yourself feeling more confident and entitled to your rights.

Below are a few of our favorite resources for researching the law and staying informed about state and federal government:

South Carolina State House website: If you are ever unsure of South Carolina laws, this is a great website to find legislation pertaining to your needs. The site also offers information on the process of legislation process, as well as senate and house information.

United States Courts website: This is an excellent website to use if you’re looking for bankruptcy resources, court records, federal rulemaking, and other elements pertaining to the judicial system.

And, if you ever have to appear in court for catastrophic injuries, criminal defense, or any other suit, it’s a good idea to improve your court literacy and stay in the know.

Find Law website: This website provides a holistic approach to the law and is the perfect place to find everything from legal resources to lawyers in your area, and legal answers to legal forms.

When researching law, always remember that even though you can educate yourself and understand your rights as a citizen, it’s always important to seek out additional legal assistance when needed. For example, if you are ever in an accident, are charged with a DUI, receive unfair treatment in the workplace, or any other serious issue, hiring a lawyer to investigate and use additional resources to ensure you receive full compensation is important.

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