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Show your support and remembrance for those who died while serving this great nation, on Memorial Day by decorating your bicycle or golf cart! Whether you plan on attending a yummy barbecue at a neighbor’s house, partaking in a neighborhood block party, or listening to a Memorial Day community concert, you’ll probably have to travel some distance. So why not show your pride and support for our nation’s armed forces while en route?

Below are a few ways to decorate your bicycle or golf cart:

  • Purchase an American flag on a stick and add it to the back of your bike.
  • Decorate your golf cart hub caps with mini American flags. *DO NOT decorate your bicycle wheels. Materials could get caught in your chain and cause you to fall.
  • Add streamers or mini American flag lights to the roof of your golf cart.
  • If you’re riding a bicycle, decorate your helmet with an America-related decal.
  • Play our national anthem from a portable stereo in your golf cart.
  • Tie red, white, and blue balloons to the back of your golf cart or bicycle.
  • Take a tip from the presidential motorbrigade by placing two American flags on both sides of the hood of your golf cart.
  • Buy an American flag windsock and let it dangle from the roof of your golf cart.
  • Find a plastic bald eagle statue and securely mount it to the front of your vehicle.
  • If you’re transporting your dog in your golf cart, dress him or her up in an American flag bandanna.

american flag

**If you choose to decorate your bicycle or golf cart, be sure that all of your decorations are securely fastened to your mode of transportation and that none of the decorative pieces could impair your driving  /riding or the driving / riding of others.

**And, if you decide to decorate your motor vehicle or motorcycle, be sure to securely fasten any items down and ensure that they do not obscure your vision or the vision of other drivers. You do not want to cause any motor vehicle accidents or personal injuries due to loose decorations.

If you’re in the Charleston, SC, area for Memorial Day weekend, don’t forget to attend the Piccolo Spoleto Memorial Day Concert happening in Marion Square Park, Monday, May 30 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. During this concert, you’ll witness local bands play and march in honor of those who’ve died for our country. For more information, please visit

What are you doing for Memorial Day?

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