South Carolina public intoxication attorneyMany social drinkers have been charged with public intoxication, and it’s a charge that can be dismissed or reduced with a good South Carolina public intoxication lawyer.

Public intoxication is a misdemeanor, and a conviction will stay on your record and appear on a criminal background check. A conviction could limit or jeopardize your future education, employment, and housing options. Expungement is not allowed for a public intoxication conviction, and a previous conviction may be used to enhance any later alcohol-related convictions or penalties.

Not only is public intoxication a possible charge if you’re seen exhibiting the classic signs of intoxication—such as slurred speech, glassy eyes, or stumbling—in a public place, but per city or county laws, you could also be arrested and charged if you’re drinking in a public place that doesn’t allow it, such as a park or church.

Often, law enforcement assumes that people arrested for public intoxication will simply pay the fine or serve the jail time, so they may not always follow proper arrest procedures. In addition, sometimes arrests occur without substantial or sufficient evidence. Officers are given wide latitude for determining whether you should be arrested.

If you are arrested, be sure to observe and remember as much as you can about the arrest procedure as it occurs (have others witness the arrest, if possible), and do not talk to anyone or answer any questions until you contact a public intoxication attorney. You may be required to serve some jail time, and a cash bond will be required before you’re released.

If you hire an experienced and competent attorney, he or she will protect your rights and do everything possible to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney and dismiss the charge or plead it down to a lesser charge that can be expunged. However, you need to hire the attorney as soon as possible to give him or her the best chance of helping you. If your arrest has already occurred, call an attorney and have him or her evaluate your case.

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