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The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies has ranked South Carolina number 4 on their list of the best states to ride motorcycles, following Florida, Georgia, and Arizona. Others on the list include Texas, Hawaii, Nebraska, and Utah.

To determine their top 20 states, Progressive looked at specific data such as:

  • Gasoline prices.
  • Population density.
  • Risk of motorcycle accident.
  • Number of good riding days based on precipitation and temperature.
  • Percentage of smooth roads.

According to Progressive’s product manager Dan Kamionkowski, “American riding is as diverse as American riders from the city rider to the country cruiser. Some states that you may consider obvious good places to ride were not included in the top 20 when all data were taken into account, but they’re still great options.” For example, sunny California has high gas prices and population density, so they didn’t make the top 20.

South Carolina ranked #5 in lowest likelihood of a motorcycle crash, as well as #5 for lowest gas prices. As motorcycle accident lawyers, we know that the roads and riders in South Carolina are some of the safest in the nation. Kamionkowski stated that Progressive, one of the top motorcycle insurers, published this list to help bikers maximize their time riding.

This list doesn’t surprise anyone who rides in South Carolina. Our state and national parks, historic areas, and sandy beaches are a rider’s paradise. We have scenic roads like nowhere else, such as the Savannah River Scenic Byway, which takes you to Clarks Hill Recreation Area, the Strom Thurmond Visitor Center, and Hamilton Branch and Baker Creek State Parks. All of these areas can be toured in one day as you follow the Savannah River through Sumter National Forest.

Another scenic ride takes you from the historic town of Beaufort through Hunting Island State Park to Fripp Island. You’ll see Beaufort’s historic district, incredible restaurants and shops, barrier islands, plenty of water, and spectacular pull-off areas to take amazing photographs. Beaufort is also the home of the Beaufort National Cemetery, designed by Abraham Lincoln, and Parris Island, a training post for the Marine Corps.

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What is your favorite South Carolina scenic ride?


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