criminal defense lawyerBeing accused of sexual assault, rape, or criminal sexual conduct is not something anyone thinks will happen to them, but the fact is that it can happen—and if it’s not handled properly, the charge (even when proven false) can dramatically affect your life and future. Taking the proper steps, and finding a local sexual assault attorney immediately, can make all the difference.

Sexual assault charges may be filed for a number of reasons, and can be filed on behalf of adults or children. In fact, these charges are alarmingly common in divorce cases, especially those with contentious custody battles. One thing that you need to understand is that sexual assault cases are strenuously prosecuted, and rightly so. You would want a rape or criminal sexual conduct that was perpetrated against you or a family member to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. However, when the charges are false, zealous prosecution makes it even more difficult to defend these types of cases.

Do not talk to the police before you retain an attorney.

The police are not on your side, and they do not want to help you, no matter what they may say. Do not tell them anything until you have a rape lawyer by your side.

Find the right criminal defense attorney Charleston SC locals trust.

When you hire specifically a sexual assault or rape defense lawyer, make sure that he or she has plenty of experience and expertise in this type of case, and ensure that they have the investigative resources to adequately defend you.

Keep your cool.

Being falsely accused of sexual assault is infuriating, shocking, and demeaning. You are understandably angry and upset, but you need to stay calm and focused. You can help your lawyer to defend you by being completely honest about the situation and your history with the alleged victim.

Understand that the justice system may not be fair to you.

Sexual offenses are considered especially monstrous, and everyone involved wants to see someone put away for the crime. That someone with the target on the forehead is you, and you need to be wary of the system and let your attorney do his or her job.

Do not talk to anyone about the case without your lawyer present.

The prosecution and your alleged victim, as well as his or her family and friends, are watching you. You cannot talk to anyone about the case, not even your own family and friends, without your lawyer present. Don’t even joke about it. The prosecution can subpoena anyone it chooses, and you do not want anyone else getting involved or telling the court anything you’ve said.

If you’re accused of rape, criminal sexual conduct, or sexual assault, find a lawyer immediately, and keep quiet.

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