motorcycle femaleHarley-Davidson is focusing on helping women discover the joys of riding. A previously overlooked market, women are finding that riding is not the dangerous, scary experience they had always thought it was. They realize the benefits of riding, which include . . .

Seeing the country.

Riding cross-country on a bike entails much less hassle than driving or flying. Bikes get better gas mileage than cars, are easier to park, and can enter certain places that cars may not. You’ll be free to stop and go as you please, and you’ll feel like a part of the outdoors because you don’t have the steel frame of a car separating you.

Saving money.

Even after buying full gear, bikes are less expensive than cars to purchase, operate, and maintain. They may also be cheaper to license and insure.

Being more adventurous.

With a bike, you can drop everything you’re doing and ride wherever you wish. You can take a scenic weekend trip, or you can just get away for a few hours. As you’re riding along the coast or in the mountains, you’ll feel confident, giddy, and alive. Besides feeling adventurous, you’ll also feel empowered—it’s just you and your bike, and you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Being part of a group.

As Dorchester County motorcycle accident attorneys who also ride, we know firsthand that bikers are a tightly knit and fiercely loyal group. You’ll find lifelong friends and travel companions with common interests, and you’ll feel like you belong. If you run into trouble, another biker will always come to your aid.

Feeling freedom and pride.

What could be more freeing than riding the open road with no one else around, your hair blowing in the wind, and the sun shining on your face? Many women feel as one with their bikes, and have a feeling of accomplishment and pride when they ride. For many, it’s like conquering a fear or climbing a mountain.

Leaving your worries at home.  

When you’re just riding, you forget what’s going on at home or at work. You truly do leave it all behind and enjoy the world and your bike. It’s just the two of you.

What’s your favorite part of riding?

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