Ever wonder what it’s like to ride Harley-Davidson’s® 2011 Blackline® motorcycles? Here’s a little taste of what you can expect:

View more pictures of the Harley-Davidson® Blackline® here.

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memorial day

Show your support and remembrance for those who died while serving this great nation, on Memorial Day by decorating your bicycle or golf cart! Whether you plan on attending a yummy barbecue at a neighbor’s house, partaking in a neighborhood block party, or listening to a Memorial Day community concert, you’ll probably have to travel some distance. So why not show your pride and support for our nation’s armed forces while en route?

Below are a few ways to decorate your bicycle or golf cart:

  • Purchase an American flag on a stick and add it to the back of your bike.
  • Decorate your golf cart hub caps with mini American flags. *DO NOT decorate your bicycle wheels. Materials could get caught in your chain and cause you to fall.
  • Add streamers or mini American flag lights to the roof of your golf cart.
  • If you’re riding a bicycle, decorate your helmet with an America-related decal.
  • Play our national anthem from a portable stereo in your golf cart.
  • Tie red, white, and blue balloons to the back of your golf cart or bicycle.
  • Take a tip from the presidential motorbrigade by placing two American flags on both sides of the hood of your golf cart.
  • Buy an American flag windsock and let it dangle from the roof of your golf cart.
  • Find a plastic bald eagle statue and securely mount it to the front of your vehicle.
  • If you’re transporting your dog in your golf cart, dress him or her up in an American flag bandanna.

american flag

**If you choose to decorate your bicycle or golf cart, be sure that all of your decorations are securely fastened to your mode of transportation and that none of the decorative pieces could impair your driving  /riding or the driving / riding of others.

**And, if you decide to decorate your motor vehicle or motorcycle, be sure to securely fasten any items down and ensure that they do not obscure your vision or the vision of other drivers. You do not want to cause any motor vehicle accidents or personal injuries due to loose decorations.

If you’re in the Charleston, SC, area for Memorial Day weekend, don’t forget to attend the Piccolo Spoleto Memorial Day Concert happening in Marion Square Park, Monday, May 30 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. During this concert, you’ll witness local bands play and march in honor of those who’ve died for our country. For more information, please visit www.piccolospoleto.com.

What are you doing for Memorial Day?

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Producing one of the most attractive and high-performance bikes in the world, Victory should be on everyone’s list when looking to purchase a new bike. Learn more about the brand and the engineers behind this exceptional company by viewing the video below:

What do you think? Would you purchase a Victory bike?

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If you missed Part I of this post, click here.

See below for Part II of Top 10 Motorcycle Brands:

1. Triumph: A celebrated motorcycle name, Triumph has established itself as a leading motorcycle manufacturer. The design and performance of their bikes makes Triumph one of the top selling motorcycle brands in the world. One of their most acclaimed bikes is the 2011 Speed Triple.

Discover more about Triumph’s bikes.

Image above taken from Triumph.co.uk.

2. Harley-Davidson®: My top 10 list of motorcycle brands wouldn’t be complete without Harley-Davidson®. A motorcycle icon, Harley-Davidson® has been designing high-performance bikes since 1903. One of Harley-Davidson’s® most unique offerings is their H-D1™ customization, which enables bikers to design their very own Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, based on their specific preferences.

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3. KTM: Positioning the color orange as the trendiest motorcycle color, KTM manufactures bikes that are not only highly attractive, but they’re also extremely comfortable and exceptionally engineered. KTM prides themselves on their Superbikes, which feature one of the most powerful V2 engines and one of the most premier chassis worldwide.

Watch KTM bikes in action on YouTube.

Image above taken from KTM.com.

4. Aprilia: Offering a variety of Road, Offroad, and Scooter models, Aprilia has something for all bikers. Creating their first bike in 1968, Aprilia has been designing high-performance motorcycles for more than 40 years. Many of their bikes are featured in racing competitions due to their exceptional engineering.

View Aprilia’s bikes.

5. Victory Motorcycles: Synonymous with unique, sleek designs, Victory creates some of the most attractive motorcycles in the world. Started by Polaris Industries, which is famous for their off-road vehicles, Victory motorcycles are developed from trusted engineers who understand what goes into developing exceptional riding machines.

Check out some of Victory’s sleek creations.

Image above taken from PolarisIndustries.com.

In your opinion, what brand produces the most attractive motorcycles?

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The best motorcycle brand is always in constant debate. To me, each motorcycle brand has its pros and cons, making it difficult for me to choose my favorite.

Below are my top 10 motorcycle brands (in NO particular order):

1. BMW: One of the reasons why I love BMW is because they offer a wide range of diverse bikes for all preferences. Whether you’re looking for a more urban-based motorcycle, a sports-feel, or wish to take your motorcycle on long, leisurely drives, BMW has something for all tastes.

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Image above taken from bmwblog.com.

2. Ducati: Manufacturing some of the most sleek and attractive motorcycles on the market, Ducati knows how to appeal to the eye and motorcycle-lover. With high-performance models, including the Superbike, Monster, Streetfighter, Hypermotard, Multistrada and the new Diavel, Ducati is one of the leading motorcycle brands in the world.

View some of their videos on YouTube.

3. Honda: Great for all motorcyclists, no matter your experience level, Honda produces some of the most diverse bikes that are not only easy to ride but also great looking. Honda offers bikes for long drives, sport touring, cruising, motorsports, and they also offer scooters for short drives and convenient rides.

View some of their great motorcycle models on their website.

Image above taken from HondaVehicles.info.

4. Kawasaki: Arguably best known for their Ninja bike, Kawasaki is a leading motorcycle brand. But Kawasaki also offers dozens of other types of motorcycles, from street cruisers to motocross bikes, and touring motorcycles to dual purpose bikes. One of their most attractive bikes, in my opinion, is the Vulcan® 1700 Vaquero, which is one of their premier touring bikes.

View the Vulcan® models.

5. Suzuki: Similar to Honda, Suzuki offers motorcycles for all levels of experience. Suzuki provides a great range of choices in their Sport, Cruiser, Touring, Standard, Supermoto, DualSport, and Scooter bikes. And currently, they’re offering $1000.00 off of certain models for a limited time.

Browse the Suzuki selection.

Image above taken from TwoWheelsBlog.com.

What’s your favorite motorcycle brand?

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motorcycle insuranceFor first-time motorcycle purchasers, the thrill of taking your brand new bike for a cruise is truly indescribable. It’s an exciting time when you first ride off the dealer’s lot on your shiny new bike and feel the road beneath your tires. But it’s extremely important to remember to purchase motorcycle insurance before you even start riding your first few feet.  All motorcyclists are required by law to have bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

The first step to finding the right motorcycle insurance is to do your research. If you’re happy with your current car insurance provider, ask if they also offer motorcycle insurance. If not, ask other motorcyclists what insurance companies they use. Some of the most popular motorcycle insurance companies include:

Allstate: With rates starting as low as $100, Allstate provides motorcyclists with motorcycle coverage that includes Accident Forgiveness, Deductable Rewards®, and new motorcycle replacement.  Allstate also offers the option to receive Motorcycle Medical Payments, or Personal Injury Protection, which provides coverage for medical costs and even for loss of wages should you need to miss work due to your injuries.

To get a free quote for your motorcycle, click here.

Progressive: With policies starting at just $95 per year, it’s no wonder Progressive is rated one of the top motorcycle insurance providers. And one of their biggest perks is that they offer 24 / 7 roadside assistance, should your motorcycle breakdown, for less than $1 per month.

Progressive also insures automobiles, boats, motor homes, travel trailers, snowmobiles, commercial automobiles, homeowners insurance, condominium insurance, renters insurance, and mobile home insurance. They pretty much can cover it all!

To get a free quote for your motorcycle, click here.

Geico: Covering sport, cruiser, and dirt bikes, Geico offers motorcycle coverage for whatever bike you’ve got.  When you choose Geico as your motorcycle insurance provider, you get flexible payment plans that work best for you, as well as motorcycle insurance discount options.

To get a free quote for your motorcycle, click here.

For more information about motorcycle coverage, click here.

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I love watching motorcycle stunts (note that I didn’t say I love doing motorcycle stunts). I leave that to the professionals who actually perform stunts for a living. Below is a great video of a motorbike stunt rider. To prevent personal injury and a motorcycle accident, do not attempt to perform any of the actions performed in this video.

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Looking for that special gift to get your motorcycle-loving mother? Below are our top five mother’s day gift picks for biker moms:

1. A Ride on My Own Apron: If your mother loves to cook and bike (not at the same time, of course), this is the ultimate gift! To view purchasing details, click here.

Image above taken from Zazzle.com.

2. Bumper Sticker: Who doesn’t love a great bumper sticker? To view purchasing details, click here.

Image above taken from Zazzle.com.

3. Icon Women’s Hella Boots: Your mother will definitely be styling in these boots! Made from cowhide leather, these fashionable boots look great both on and off the bike. To view purchasing details, click here.

Image above taken from RevZilla.com.

4. Motorcycle Charm Bracelet: If your mother loves jewelry, you’ll definitely want to get her this motorcycle charm bracelet to dress up any motorcycle outfit. To view purchasing details, click here.

Image above taken from FindGift.com.

5. I Love Motorcycles Tote Bag: Spread the love with this I “heart” motorcycles tote. Perfect for a weekend getaway, or trip to the beach or grocery store, this tote can serve all different purposes. To view purchasing details, click here.

Image above taken from Zazzle.com.

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charleston scWhether you’re in Charleston, South Carolina, within driving distance, or halfway across the country, you don’t want to miss out on the upcoming Charleston Bike Fest! From May 13, 2011 through May 15, 2011, the Charleston Bike Fest will be in full swing, featuring scenic rides through the glorious lowcountry. Rides will take motorcyclists through some of Charleston’s charming neighboring towns and coastline. The Charleston Bike Fest will also feature a variety of bike shows around the Charleston area, as well as bands, DJs, and much more!

If you’ve never been to Charleston, this is definitely the perfect time to come visit. The weather is absolutely perfect for rides—it’s my favorite time of year since there’s still a breeze and the temperature is in the high 70s / low 80s. When you partake in some of the rides through Charleston, you’ll enjoy historical and cultural insight into the area and pass through picturesque scenery with canopying live oaks, drizzled with Spanish moss. You’ll also have the opportunity to mingle with other bikers from across the country—one of the best perks about events such as this one.charleston

When you’re not riding or partaking in festivities, enjoy some of Charleston’s attractions, including Sullivan’s Island beaches, Belle Hall Plantation, Fort Sumter, and more. At nighttime, enjoy great southern food, drinks, and music around downtown Charleston and visit some of the Charleston Bike Fest vendors that will be around the entire area.

For more information about the event, contact 843.514.4433.

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